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collage of art photos of African tribal portraits


Growing up as a white African on a continent that you both love and fear can be unsettling. In a country that doesn't know what to do with you. When I live abroad from her, she calls to me and when I live in her, the world beckons me back. I did not understand these feelings until I created this beautiful series. It made me see clearly who I am and what I feel. I am a man of the world with an African Soul. I'm at peace with myself and about where I belong.

interior image with two large photos of limited edition collection


AFRICAN SOUL series is a non political, non tribal tribute to my romanticized Africa. Shot with natural light, I transported my muses from their intense lifestyles in New York to the quiet moments into 'my Africa’. Transport yourself into my Africa where it is quiet and peaceful. Smell the richness of the earth and listen to the long grass moving in the wind. Enjoy the silence of my Africa.


The canvas, the human canvas waits in anticipation for the the first stroke of the brush. I'm on my knees holding the brush in one hand and the clay in the other, I close my eyes and breath deeply "what does the body say to me". I reach out and place the first stroke of clay down on the naked canvas.

interior image of dining room with art photography depicting a African woman sitting with back turned towards viewer


A photographic exploration of self identity - when the facade of fashion and make up are taken away - does the judgement get removed. Can you SEE ME is the question I feel from those people around me in the fashion industry - do you she my expression of self - do you you see my beautiful emotional self?


Sitting alone in the studio fixing flowers into her hair. The music seeps slowly into her conscious mind and teasing her body to answer to an ancient rhythm set so deep in our dna . Fixing her gaze on the shadow on the wall, watching her movements mimicked by her shadow. Slow and mesmerizing, the lady with the flowers in her hair the lady rises up to answer the call. Stretching and pulling, shaping and folding, watching her shadow.

art photo African woman posing
mixed art images of african collection

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