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African art on wooden panels lined up on a fall

My Work

As an artist, my goal is to celebrate and honor the beauty, diversity and complexity of the African and African-diaspora experience through my paintings and photographs. I believe that art has the power to tell stories and convey emotions that transcend time and place, and I strive to use my work as a medium to connect people to their cultural heritage and to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the richness and beauty of the African continent and its people. My work is a fusion of traditional and contemporary techniques, inspired by the vibrant colors, patterns, and textures of traditional African art and the dynamic energy of urban life. I hope that my art will inspire viewers to see the world in new ways and to connect with the beauty and diversity of the human experience."

image of large abstract painting of an African portrait


After all the roads I've taken in my life it has lead me here today where I'm meant to be. I get so excited to see what pours out of me or what a piece wants to be.

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Growing up as a white African on a continent that you both love and fear can be unsettling. In a country that doesn't know what to do with you. When I live abroad from her, she calls to me and when I live in her, the world beckons me back. I did not understand these feelings until I created this beautiful series. It made me see clearly who I am and what I feel. I am a man of the world with an African Soul. I'm at peace with myself and about where I belong.

Click on the image and it will take you through to more work.

B&W photo African warrior of limited edition





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