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macro close up of African art painting


Below is collection of the images that I've painted using acrylic on canvas or board. All the portraits are inspired from my photography archives which were also the inspiration for my mixed medium projects. One will notice that my inspiration comes from my childhood visual collections of textures and feelings.

painting of an African portrait


My portrait work is based on photographs of my muses that I worked with photographically. Whereas I feel the photographic process led me to capture the feelings externally, I have been more interested in expressing the internal feelings through my painting. 


The most exciting abstract journey is just getting started as I explore this technique as well as the multi level panels that I'm using. It's fresh and new for me.

large abstract painting, blacks, sepia and red acrylic
mix media art


Inspired by the women and the textures from my childhood. I believe that we all have a history and it's that unique history that gives us texture and makes us interesting.





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